JOD Engineering

Case Study: Warbreck Tower


JOD suppled two bespoke Easi-Lok dual skin chamber covers for installation by a third party at Warbreck Tower Service Reservoir.

The challenge

The client had positive experiences with the single skin Easi-Lok secure access covers and wished to retain the benefits of the design and incorporate an additional feature of a second inner cover. The new inner cover is designed to prevent dust and debris from getting into the service reservoir.

The top of Warbreck Tower is subject to extreme conditions due to its proximity to the sea. The client additionally requested that the padlocks were protected from the elements.


The solution

JOD confirmed that the bespoke “dual skin” secure access cover was feasible. We amended the original Easi-Lok design to include the dual skin and preserved all the features of the existing range.

We met the challenge of the adverse weather conditions with the provision of a removable insert, which conceals and protects the padlock from the elements.

Warbreck dual skin access cover

The results

The Easi-Lok dual skin chamber covers were installed by a third party on the top of Warbreck Tower. The client had previously praised the single skin Easi-Lok secure access covers, and it was rewarding to build upon the success of the original design to serve their requirements.