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Easi-Lok: Features and benefits explained

At JOD Engineering, we’re all about innovation. Our team of experienced field engineers, platers, and mechanical fitters know how to create the solution that’s exactly right for your business. The cornerstone of our engineering work is our unique secure access covers: the Easi-Lok range. In this guide, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about the Easi-Lok, the questions you may have, and the great benefits it offers.

Unique product features

Easi-Lok safety access panels make your life easier. They are designed by users, for users, to make the process of secure access fast, easy and as safe as possible in all weathers. We believe they’re the most user-centric access covers in the UK.

Easi-Lok works with an internal padlock locking system that’s secured within the chamber, so there’s no need to remove the padlock for access. This allows for easy, one-handed opening, and the spring-loaded lid makes operation even easier.

  • Unique internal padlocking arrangement for single-handed operation
  • Captive padlock and integrated mechanism secured within the chamber
  • Dial ABUS 83/50 padlocks
  • Optional hinged fall protection safety grids
  • Tailored mounting configurations
  • Concealed hinges
  • Safety stays

Frequently asked questions

What is Easi-Lok?

Easi-Lok is a secure elevated chamber cover with an internal mounted secure locking system. It is unique in that it offers users safe, single-handed operation.

Where can Easi-Lok be installed?

You can install Easi-Lok elevated chamber covers on any suitable opening containing infrastructure that requires protection. This could include access chambers, draw pits and valve chambers, where odour control is not required.

Utility companies in particular can benefit from Easi-Lok, as it makes operating water access covers fast and simple for authorised personnel.

What makes Easi-Lok different from other access covers?

Easi-Lok stands out from the competition as it can be both opened and locked using only one hand, even while the user is wearing gloves. No other security cover can be unlocked as fast with one hand.

It also offers additional security: the padlock cannot be removed, misplaced, or contaminated, and the locking mechanism is secured and protected within the chamber. Easi-Lok also has a spring-loaded lid for ease of opening.

What problems does Easi-Lok solve?

Easi-Lok was designed by field engineers who have to regularly open and close access covers and found themselves kneeling on the ground struggling with padlocks, in all weathers.

At JOD, we took the matter into our own hands. The result was the Easi-Lok range, specifically designed to make your life easier. It means:

  • No more putting equipment down on the ground while unlocking
  • The ability to keep your gloves on while opening, for safety, ease, and warmth
  • Less unproductive time – the process happens in seconds
  • No risk of dropping, contaminating or losing the padlock
  • A less frustrating process that ultimately saves time from your day

How is Easi-Lok protected against vandalism?

The Easi-Lok range is resistant to attack or vandalism. It’s secured to LPS 1175 security rating D10 (SR4), making it intruder resistant.

What are the dimensions of Easi-Lok?

Our single leaf horizontal upstand access cover has the following dimensions.

Depth: minimum of 400mm, maximum of 1400mm

Width: minimum width of internal opening of 400mm, maximum width of internal opening of 1100mm

Height: 225mm (all certified covers with lid closed)

Can you install Easi-Lok as well as supply?

Yes. Whether you require supply only or end-to-end service including installation, we can work with you to get you the solution you require.

We hope this taught you more about the features and benefits of Easi-Lok. If you’d like to talk about secure access covers for your site, get in touch. We have a range of Easi-Lok access panels to choose from or can even build to your specific requirements with a bespoke solution.