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Frequently asked questions about the Easi-Lok secure access cover

When we launched the Easi-Lok, we were immediately pleased with the feedback we received. The utility companies that have so far made the switch have commented on the time savings their field engineers report, and the convenience of the design.

Those who haven’t tried the Easi-Lok haven’t experienced its unique design and functionality. Here are the main questions we get asked about it:

Q: What’s the key difference between the Easi-Lok and other secure access covers?

A: The integrated locking system is what sets the Easi-Lok apart. Traditionally, secure access covers use external padlocks which are fiddly and time consuming to take on and off. The external padlocks can be dropped and lost, creating security implications.

The Easi-Lok’s padlock is secured within the chamber, making it faster and easier to open, and removing the risk of the padlock being lost or damaged.

Q: How much time does it save?

A: Opening the Easi-Lok can save several minutes of the field engineer’s time each time they gain access. These time savings add up to several hours over the working month. External padlocks can be tricky to unlock, particularly in poor weather conditions or low visibility. The integrated padlock on the Easi-Lok is fixed, visible and closed with a simple push!

Q: Are there any other benefits?

A: Security is a key benefit. The padlock is protected within the chamber, making it resistant to vandalism or attack. There’s no chance the padlock can be damaged or lost during operation. These features help businesses guarantee the security of access covers.

Q: Who uses the Easi-Lok?

A: Utility companies that require regular access. The Easi-Lok makes operating water access covers fast and simple for authorised personnel. The integrated padlock minimises the risk of losing the padlock and leaving the secure access cover unlocked, at risk of unauthorised entry.

United Utilities has been one of the first organisations to tap into the benefits of the Easi-Lok. This is what the people who have used it had to say:

“I used Easi-Lok in action on a critical pipeline during my time at United Utilities. Great product, great design and value. A great solution for secure, yet easy to use chamber access. Gets my full recommendation.” Ken Longshaw, ex-Head of AMS, United Utilities.

“JOD fitted the Easi-Lok for us at United Utilities and it’s proved to be an amazing product. Secure, safe, and easy to use. JOD are easily one of the best contractors I have had the pleasure of dealing with!” John Allen, United Utilities.

Q: How did you come up with the Easi-Lok?

A: The product is designed by the user, for the user. Our field engineers were frustrated with the secure access covers they encountered on site visits. They set about designing a better solution to save them time and the Easi-Lok was born.

Q: What safety standards is it certified to?

A: The Easi-Lok meets LPCB level 4 against attack and vandalism and is approved under LPS 1175 for intruder resistant building components and security enclosures.

We hope this article has answered your questions about the Easi-Lok. If you have any more or would like to talk to us about secure access covers for your site, please get in touch.