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Getting to know the JOD Team: Q&A with Alan

At JOD Engineering, we take pride in the expertise that each member of the team brings to the table. In today’s Q&A, we chatted to Alan, a Mechanical Fitter and Welder, who shared his experiences and insights into what it’s like working at JOD Engineering.

Hi Alan. What is your role at JOD Engineering?

I’m a Mechanical Fitter/Welder at JOD Engineering.

How long have you been with the business?

I’ve been a part of JOD Engineering for 20 months.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your role? What are the key tasks and responsibilities you handle?

There are no two days the same at JOD Engineering. Some days I could be replacing chemical pipes, and on other days, I’m repairing leaks on water mains, among various other tasks. My main focus is on-site work and site welding.

What do you enjoy most about your work at JOD Engineering?

What I enjoy the most is the variety of engineering projects, from diagnosing problems and finding solutions to tackling hot taps and injection jobs or welding tasks. It keeps the work engaging and exciting.

What are some of the most interesting or challenging projects you’ve worked on during your time at JOD Engineering?

Just this year, we’ve had several interesting projects. One that stands out is fitting manways onto a water main, which required me to collaborate with other companies to ensure a safe and timely completion. Additionally, I’m quite proud of my work on projects like replacing static mixers and penstock repairs.

In your opinion, what sets JOD Engineering apart from other companies in the field?

I believe what sets JOD Engineering apart is the leadership of Matt and John. They value everyone’s opinions and encourage the entire team to bring their experience and expertise to the table. Our team is quite diverse, with backgrounds in fabrication, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. This diversity and the team’s well-being are top priorities, which contribute to a positive work environment and successful outcomes for our clients.

We’re proud to have dedicated team members who contribute to our mission of providing the best engineering services to the utilities sector. If you’re interested in becoming part of our dynamic team, we have some exciting opportunities available. We’re currently on the lookout for a Service Field Engineer and a Project Management Engineer. Take a look at our careers page to find out more and become part of a team that values innovation and real-world impact.