JOD Engineering

Meet the JOD Engineering team – expert problem solvers


We’re the team behind Easi-Lok secure access covers. We provide mechanical engineering and fabrication services to utility companies, primarily in the North.

JOD Engineering was set up in 2001 in Preston by John Cowell. Since then, the team has been helping utility companies with emergency repairs and access.

It’s our mission to provide cost effective, innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of users and engineers. We do this while maintaining required corporate levels of security and safety that organisations need to operate effectively.

We design, fabricate, refurbish, and maintain plant and equipment for businesses including water service companies. But behind the services is a skilled team – see some of them below and find out what their roles involve:


John Cowell

Managing Director, Founder

John is the director and founder of Easi-Lok and JOD Engineering. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, going on to be a technical manager for a wastewater treatment company. John established JOD in 2002 to provide specialist on-site mechanical engineering services to the water industry.

JOD Denise Cowell

Denise Cowell

Director, Company Secretary

Denise is part of the founding team of JOD Engineering, which was established back in 2002. Denise has a background in retail and now is the company secretary for JOD and Easi-Lok. Denise keeps both sides of the business informed with the latest information.

JOD Matt Howson

Matt Howson


Since 2016 Matt has been overseeing the operations of the Easi-Lok and bespoke engineering services, as Director. Matt’s experience covers 16 years and includes running his own engineering business, workshop management, heavy vehicle and plant maintenance, repair, and inspections.

JOD Charles Churchfield

Charles Churchfield

Business Advisor

Charles has been working with JOD Engineering on an advisory basis since 2017. He has over 35 years in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Charles helps with product development and bring the unique benefits of the Easi-Lok to the market.

JOD Barbara McCormick

Barbara McCormick

Business Administration Manager

Barbara has been with us since 2019 and makes sure operations run smoothly and efficiently each day. She is an experienced administrator, with over 20 years in business administration, office management and accounts.

JOD Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley

Mechanical Fitter

Michael has been part of the JOD team since it was established in 2002. He is a fitter with a background in facility maintenance and 30+ years’ experience. His role at JOD is installing Easi-Lok secure access covers at customer sites.

JOD Stephen Childs

Stephen Childs


Stephen has over 35 years’ experience in ship building and heavy industry. Stephen joined the team back in 2018, bringing his metal working and welding expertise to the business. He is a fundamental part of the access cover fabrication process.

JOD Adam Howson

Adam Howson

Site Engineer, Team Leader and Surveyor

Adam has over 16 years’ experience in surveying, civil engineering, construction, and mechanical engineering. Adam joined in 2019 and his role includes visiting sites to survey works and recommend the solution best suited to the customer’s requirement.

A team of problem solvers

Our team at JOD Engineering is made up of a wide range of skills and backgrounds: construction, civil engineering, ship building, welding and metal work, plant maintenance, and repair, mechanical engineering, and wastewater treatment.

The combined experience of our team allows us to quickly problem solve. We’re used to responding to urgent repair jobs, and we take challenging requests from customers, finding cost-effective solutions in the time allocated.

We don’t accept substandard workmanship, and if we can engineer a better solution, we’ll do so. You can see this in the development of the Easi-Lok, our range of secure access covers. (Read the story of the Easi-Lok here).

Do you have an on-site challenge? See if the JOD team can engineer a solution.