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Our journey to LPS1175 certification

BRE, the Building Research Establishment, is a centre of building science that aims to raise the standards of the build environment. Owned by the charitable organisation the BRE Trust and established in 1921, its heritage spans over 100 years.

A group of innovating researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians, BRE specialise in research, training certification, testing and standards for organisations within the building industry. They sit at the forefront of building research and development, with their key goal being to raise standards for the organisations and partners they work with.

We worked with BRE in order to obtain and maintain LPS1175 certifications for our Easi-Lok access cover. Find out more about the work that was done and why it’s of such great value to us:

What we needed

We created the Easi-Lok access cover because we were tired of accessing covers where padlocks required detaching and two-handed operation. Our Easi-Lok range of secure access covers removes these obstacles. Single-handed operation saves time and makes the process safer and more secure – and a lot less frustrating.

With the issue addressed and the Easi-Lok cover developed, we spoke with LPCB technical experts who explained what LPS1175 certification can offer to manufacturers like us. We realised how important third-party certification was; it would improve our already high standards and allow us to continue exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The project

We worked with BRE’s security test engineers to ensure our security products were performing as effectively as possible, to the high standards we know our customers require.

The work we undertook was carried about alongside LPCB (the Loss Prevention Certification Board), a globally recognised certification board who are part of BRE and work within the fire and security sectors. After our conversations with LPCB’s technical experts, we began our LPS1175 journey, undertaking a process of thorough testing and certification. The process was completed by May 20209, and we received certificate 1589a for the Easi-Lok access cover.

The expertise of BRE’s security test engineers, alongside their dedication to ensuring that security products perform effectively, was extremely valuable for us.

John, Managing Director and Founder of JOD Engineering, says: “Working with BRE has been a success on a number of fronts, the obvious one being the flagship certified secure Easi-Lok access cover to LPS1175. Behind the scenes the work required to obtain and maintain the certification has resulted in JOD introducing processes and procedures which have resulted in the business becoming more sustainable and professional in the way work is managed and executed”.

We’re constantly striving towards being the very best in our field, and that includes making sure we’re approved by the industry’s leading certification boards. If you’d like to know more or talk to us about our solutions, including the Easi-Lok access cover, please get in touch.