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Reflecting on Utility Week Live

At JOD Engineering, we recently attended Utility Week Live 2023, the UK’s leading pan-utility exhibition. As a trusted provider of innovative access cover solutions, we showcased our flagship product, Easi-Lok, to a fantastic response from both industry professionals and attendees.

Today, we’re taking a look back over Utility Week Live and the key takeaways from our attendance.

A positive reception

The Easi-Lok exhibition stand, with an ideal location near the event’s main entrance, had great visibility and footfall. Throughout the event, we were pleased to see a great level of interest and engagement with Easi-Lok. Attendees, in particular those with hands-on experience using secure access covers, quickly recognised the many benefits of Easi-Lok compared to other, similar offerings on the market.

This positive reception really validated our commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions that ultimately make secure access safer and simpler for utility companies.

We took a proactive approach during the exhibition, actively seeking out exhibitors and visitors who displayed interest in access covers and generating some promising leads. We’re always interested in establishing valuable industry connections and exploring new opportunities within the utilities industry, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to connect with so many like-minded industry professionals in person.

The wide appeal of enhanced security

Easi-Lok quickly captured the attention of industry experts and visitors alike. Its intuitive design and user-friendly features resonated with those familiar with the limitations of conventional access covers.

Easi-Lok was developed by the user, for the user. Its unique integrated padlock within the steel access cover makes it both easy to open and extremely secure. Easi-Lok can be installed on access chambers, draw pits, and valve chambers where odour control is not required. It offers protection against attack or vandalism, with LPCB level 4 assurance for the protection of urban locations. Here are the benefits at a glance:

  • Unique internal padlocking arrangement for single-handed operation
  • Captive padlock and integrated mechanism secured within the chamber
  • Dial ABUS 83/50 padlocks
  • Optional hinged fall protection safety grids
  • Tailored mounting configurations
  • Concealed hinges
  • Safety stays

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In our conversations at Utility Week Live, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback for Easi-Lok based on these benefits. We found it has universal appeal to anyone who has experience with typical access covers. The difficulties associated with rival products highlight the need for a solution like Easi-Lok and reaffirms our belief in the great commercial potential of the product.

Moving towards keyless entry in the security industry

We partnered with Abloy, a leading expert on door locking and functionality, during Utility Week Live. We learned during our conversations that the heavily shrouded hasp and staple arrangement that is conventional in access covers will be extremely difficult to extrapolate to accommodate a lock incorporating keyless entry.

As the security industry moves towards keyless entry, this is a potential game changer for Easi-Lok. Going forward, we plan to continue to partner with Abloy as they commit to developing locks compatible with the Easi-Lok system. These will meet utilities companies’ requirements and include a version for keyless entry, opening doors to exciting possibilities for JOD Engineering and taking us closer to achieving our vision of delivering a trusted, certified solution.

Our ongoing commitment to Easi-Lok’s success

Overall, our participation in Utility Week Live 2023 was a success. We took advantage of the opportunity to showcase Easi-Lok and as a result, made valuable connections and received a great amount of encouraging feedback.

We remain dedicated to solidifying Easi-Lok’s position as a trusted and approved solution for the utilities industry. Utility Week Live has helped to propel us forward and reinforced our commitment to delivering innovative access cover solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Easi-Lok, please get in touch. We have a range of Easi-Lok access panels to choose from or can even build to your specific requirements with a bespoke solution.