JOD Engineering

What our Achilles Silver Plus membership means


Achilles brings together pre-qualified suppliers with buyers working in the same regions and industries. The community allows buyers to make procurement decisions with detailed, relevant, up-to-date information about potential suppliers. For suppliers, Achilles membership is an opportunity to benchmark performance and connect with buyers.

Why did we apply for Achilles Silver Plus membership?

Our potential customers want assurance that any company they consider working with is reliable before placing an order or as part of pre-qualifying to tender.

The amount of information and level of detail required to qualify a supplier has increased year on year and compiling it for each separate enquiry becomes time consuming.

This is where Achilles come in. Achilles does the groundwork to establish and agree what information our potential customers in the utility sector require. They have created a detailed questionnaire around managing risk and demonstrating compliance.


What is the benefit to utility companies and their suppliers?

The hassle and time spent information gathering and pre-qualifying is removed. Utility companies trust Achilles to manage the process and scrutinise the questionnaires. If Achilles is satisfied, the questionnaire is published and visible to buyers. Achilles has an online community specific to the needs of the utility industry called UVDB.

For suppliers like JOD, our capabilities and credentials are placed in front of buyers. It saves us the time and effort to repeatedly submit the information to every customer. Our aim is for our Achilles presence to reach a wider audience and generate enquiries.

What goes into an Achilles membership application?

You could imagine Achilles as the tip of the iceberg that is visible. Invisible is the work to maintain the relevant policies and procedures, including:

  • ISO 9001 registration
  • Certification of the Easi-Lok
  • Health and Safety management systems
  • Method statements and permits
  • Risk assessments


Because JOD has a proven track record and has the required systems in place, the questionnaire was straightforward to complete.

What categories is JOD certified within?

  • Surface Boxes & Chambers
  • Pumping Station – Clean Water
  • Pumping Station – Waste Water
  • Treatment Works – Waste Water
  • Treatment Works – Clean Water
  • Pipework Fabrication & Installation
  • Water Service Pipe Maintenance & Repair
  • Water Mains Pipe Maintenance & Repair
  • Other Water Pipe Services
  • Water Treatment Plant Services
  • Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Mechanical Installation Services
  • Pump Services
  • Valve Services


We hope you’ve found this information useful and understand more about the process and the benefits of an Achilles Silver Plus membership. If you want to know more about our services, get in touch with our team.