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Your guide to access covers

At JOD, we’re always interested in engineering user-centric solutions. It’s why we developed the Easi-Lok access cover – our team of field engineers were tired of the difficulty that comes with using many access covers, so we engineered our own solution that makes the process easy.

If you’re looking into installing a chamber access cover, you might have a few questions about how to choose the right one for your needs. We’ve rounded up some common questions about access covers to help you make the decision.

Easi-Lok secure access cover

What is a chamber access cover?

An access cover is a removable cover that is fitted over an opening, or chamber, to control access. Access covers are used to increase security and safety when working in chambers by restricting access for unauthorised personnel.

They are used often by maintenance workers and in the water industry. The Easi-Lok secure access cover can be installed on access chambers, draw pits and valve chambers where odour control is not required.

Is there a difference between an access cover and a manhole cover?

A manhole cover is technically a type of access cover, but they aren’t exactly the same thing. Manhole covers are heavy, removal plates that are perhaps most commonly seen at the entrance to drainage systems. They are made using heavy-duty materials that allows heavy traffic to pass over them, and are usually a circle shape.

An access cover can be seen more commonly in pedestrianised or landscaped areas. They are usually fitted to allow workers access to a concealed underground area for carrying out work on electrical wiring, plumbing or ventilation. They are typically more complex in design than a manhole cover, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

How big are access covers?

Sizes for access covers can vary depending on the manufacturer and requirements. For the Easi-Lok, the dimensions are as follows:

Depth: minimum of 400mm, maximum of 1400mm

Width: minimum width of internal opening of 400mm, maximum width of internal opening of 1100mm

Height: 225mm (all certified covers with lid closed)

Opening Easi-Lok access cover

What materials are access covers made from?

Access covers are commonly available in stainless steel and aluminium. They can also be made from galvanised steel, concrete, cast iron, or a combination of these materials.

How can you make an access cover more secure?

When an access cover requires additional security, locking systems can be used to prevent unauthorised access. Many secure access covers traditionally use external padlocks which workers can unlock to gain access.

At JOD, we identified that external padlock systems aren’t necessarily the most user-centric way of securing an access cover. They can be fiddly and difficult to use in poor weather and when wearing gloves. That’s why when we developed the Easi-Lok we made sure the padlock was secured within the chamber, making it faster and easier to open and removing the risk of the padlock being lost or damaged.

Our Easi-Lok range is also resistant to attack or vandalism. It’s secured to LPS 1175 security rating D10 (SR4), making it intruder resistant.

What are the benefits of an Easi-Lok secure access cover?

A secure access cover like Easi-Lok elevates security and prioritises ease of use for workers. The user-centric access covers come with an internally mounted secure locking system. They are secured to LPS 1175 and LPCB level 4, offering protection against attack and vandalism.

The Easi-Lok range transforms the experience of gaining access for the user. By offering single-handed opening and closing, they save time and hassle for the field worker. The fixed padlock also removes the chance of padlocks being lost.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Unique internal padlocking arrangement for single-handed operation
  • Captive padlock and integrated mechanism secured within the chamber
  • Dial ABUS 83/50 padlocks
  • Optional hinged fall protection safety grids
  • Tailored mounting configurations
  • Concealed hinges
  • Safety stays

Access cover in the field

If you’d like to talk about secure access covers for your site, get in touch. We have a range of Easi-Lok access panels to choose from or can even build to your specific requirements with a bespoke solution.